What routing systems fully integrate with SafeStop?

SafeStop integrates fully with several routing vendors via API or through an automated export of data. We currently have APIs for Transfinder, BusBoss, and
Edulog. We are currently awaiting the new API documentation for Tyler Technologies’ Traversa product, while we can automate the export of data from Versatrans RP. We also work with other smaller vendors and “manually built” routes to make the data flow as seamless as possible.

What hardware is required to implement SafeStop?

SafeStop is a 100% software service. There is no additional hardware needed on buses to operate the platform.

How are routes updated in SafeStop?

Depending on the product, we can either use an API or we can automate an export process using SQL scripts. If the client is not using a routing software, we provide
easy-to-use route templates for the client to complete.

To what information are parents given access?

Parents will see their scheduled bus stop time, a Map View location of the bus in its approximate location, while also receiving a notification when the assigned bus enters their preset “Geo-Fence”. Parents will not see bus speed, bus path, or planned route paths inside SafeStop.

How does SafeStop ensure the information the district has is secure?

SafeStop has achieved entity-wide SOC-2 data security certification. This is one of the highest levels of data security, and exceeds FERPA requirements. Personal data is never sold or distributed to any outside organization, company, or persons.

How do parents sign up?

Parents/Guardians are able to register through the SafeStop app or online at SafeStopApp.com. SafeStop requires a parent to enter in either their child’s district-issued Student ID number or an Access Code created by the district and distributed to parents prior to launch.

What if there is a split household and a child spends time with both parents?

In our Standard System, parents are able to add multiple bus stops to their account if their child rides on different routes on certain days. If the client chooses the
Auto-Assign system, parents do not have that option. That is why we encourage a Standard System: to allow for flexibility and to accommodate parents with needs not covered by the routing system. Should a parent need to restrict access based on legal access to the child, he or she can work with SafeStop to prevent new users from using their child’s Student ID in registration.

Can I access SafeStop on any device?

Yes! SafeStop is available on all Android and Google devices via the Google Play Store and on all Apple devices via the App Store. For those using other mobile devices, a desktop, or laptop, SafeStop can be accessed through our website at SafeStopApp.com.

How often is SafeStop gathering GPS data to update vehicle location?

SafeStop collects GPS information on average every 20 seconds in order to update end users of approximate vehicle location.

What information does SafeStop collect from the GPS unit?

SafeStop gathers longitude, latitude, speed, and direction of travel of each vehicle on a 20-second basis

Will the GPS from our bus camera system work for SafeStop?

SafeStop requires an “active” GPS solution, meaning information is capable of being collected and sent out in real-time. Most GPS solutions on bus cameras are “passive”, meaning they can collect information in real-time, but they do not send that information out until they return to the bus terminal.

Who do I contact from SafeStop if I make a change with my routing?

If we are utilizing an API or another automated export-import process, then you are not required to do anything. If you manually export or built the routes, you can email operations@safestopapp.com, or directly contact your Operational Account Manager, with any route changes and we will make the appropriate updates inside one business day.

How long does it take to get SafeStop up and running?

Based on the time of year, district size, special requests, routing vendor, GPS vendor, and operational complexity, the implementation of SafeStop can vary greatly. If there are no issues or delays resulting from any of these factors, the timeline is approximately 3-4 weeks for smaller schools or districts. For larger districts, the
timeline is typically 6-8 weeks. SafeStop will work with the client to make sure staff is trained, comfortable, and compliant before launching our service to parents.

How do we make sure parents are aware that SafeStop is available?

A dedicated SafeStop Account Manager will work hand-in-hand with the jurisdiction to coordinate an effective marketing plan to notify parents of SafeStop availability. SafeStop will facilitate necessary marketing materials in whatever manner the client prefers to disseminate parent information. To ensure adequate parent adoption, clients can work directly with a dedicated Customer Success Specialist to increase usership totals.