With neighborhood maps in the palm of their hand, parents no longer need to call the school to ask “Where’s the bus?”
SafeStop is the industry-leading school bus tracking app that is making life easier for parents, one bus ride at a time

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How to Get Started

Our school bus tracking app is just a few steps away!

1. Check Availability

Search by state.

2. Sign Up

Create a SafeStop account with your email, a password, and your child’s School Code or Student ID Number.

3. Download the App

SafeStop is available for download through the Apple App Store and Google Play. You can also access SafeStop through a web browser like Google Chrome.

4. Start Tracking

Once you’ve registered and downloaded the SafeStop app, log in to your account to start tracking the school bus.

Helpful Features for Parents and Schools

SafeStop makes it easier than ever to know where your children are and when they’ll be home.


Our school bus locator shows parents and school administrators where the school bus is along its route. Transportation staff also has the ability to send real-time service notifications to parents through the Alerts & Messaging Center.


Your family’s safety is our number one priority. That’s why we work directly with your school or district to create a secure registration process that allows only the parents and legal guardians of our passengers to register for SafeStop. We ensure the quality and security of any data we collect, and we will never sell, distribute, or otherwise share any of the private passenger or vehicle information gathered by the SafeStop system.


SafeStop works with any GPS provider, any routing software, and any transportation system. If your fleet is already gathering GPS data, you are SafeStop Ready! If you need GPS units, SafeStop can help you get started by arranging the purchase for your entire fleet at industry pricing.